09 Pics of Aged Celebrities, Young Time and Today Now.

#1 Jocelyn Wildenstein
This charming lady is known for extremely bad facial surgeries.
She also received one of the biggest divorce settlements in history.

#2 Amanda Lepore 
Amanda Lepore is a transgender model, recording artist and socialite who had a sex change at the age of 19.
This is how her repeated anti-aging attempts work.

#3 Donatella Versace 
Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine. – Donatella Versace

#4 Courtney Love 
Love’s punk rock and alternative look made us fall in love with her in 90s.
Kurt Cobain fell in love with her too and married her.
Unfortunately she has not taken much care of herself since her husband’s passing.
She’s looked so bad at times that people have thought that she’s terminally ill.

#5 Mickey Rourke 
 Nobody expects boxers to age well.
You can only take so many punches in the face before your face decides to set into a permanent bruise.
A shame though, Mickey was quite the looker which is why he was able to make the transition to Hollywood however a hard life has taken a toll on his features.

#6 Lil Kim
 Lil Kim was the baddest b*tch there ever was.
Unfortunately she suffered from a few self-esteem issues and decided to go under the knife to fix them.
The excessive plastic surgery turned her into something that we no longer recognize or turn heads for.

#7 Brigitte Bardot
Bridgitte Bardot was a French Sex Symbol in the 60s.
With her soulful eyes and that alluring gap in her teeth men drooled whenever they saw her on TV dressed in as few clothes as the culture of the time would allow.
Fast forward a few decades and you would never believe that its the same person.
She’s gained extra pounds, wrinkles and her choice not to have plastic surgery is evident.

#8 Janice Dickinson 
 Models by no means look better than they did whilst they were at the runway.
Janice Dickinson’s amazing looks drew us in and held us close but the achievement that she loved led her to live a lifestyles of exuberance.
She tried to preserve herself searching proper with surgical procedure but it left her face searching pulled tight and worn-out.

#9 Goldie Hawn
Goldie’s innocent appears made her a silver-screen goddess.
The years have not been type though as she is now riddled with age spots and has a chunk of a tired appearance to her.
We applaud her for selecting not to have surgery but we’ll usually miss the good looks of her youth.

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